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Mount Nittany Exchange (MNX) is a health information exchange with a mission to improve the information available to clinicians at the point of care in Central Pennsylvania.


To advance that mission, MNX has joined Pennsylvania’s P3N initiative.

The P3N initiative will provide MNX with access to information from across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The P3N initiative will, ultimately, connect to other states’ health information exchanges, functioning as a nationwide health exchange network.

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MNX wants to create the lowest possible barriers to joining the exchange.

To do this, MNX will offer a limited array of services needed by our members, rather than a broad array of more complex services. This will allow MNX to serve regional provider organizations along with independent providers, long term care facilities, post acute care facilities, federally qualified health centers, and others who traditionally do not have high levels of resources dedicated to health information exchange.

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MNX will function according to a governance approach, whereby our members drive our decisions and direction.

MNX’s governance approach includes creating a collaborative council, whereby our members drive our decisions and direction. This infrastructure will leverage technology already existing at Mount Nittany Health, so there is no large initial capital outlay that MNX members need to absorb. MNX also hopes to qualify for grant funds from the state, which could further reduce membership costs and offset expenses associated with connecting to MNX.

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Virtual Symposium

"Where else has your patient been? Connecting patient records across Pennsylvania"

April 7, 2017 webinar: Watch it below.


Mount Nittany Exchange completes first phase of health records sharing project

Mount Nittany Exchange, one of five certified health information exchanges (HIE) in Pennsylvania, has completed the initial phase of its statewide health information exchange initiative to alert healthcare providers when one of their patients is treated at an emergency room anywhere in Pennsylvania. 

This system – made available in cooperation with the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Program and the Pennsylvania Patient and Provider Network (P3N) – is intended to provide the tools needed to alert providers electronically in near real-time. Communication alerts can be sent to a number of secured devices, such as mobile phones, and comply with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring the privacy and security of patient information.

MNX will, in collaboration with statewide partners, continue to expand upon this technology to enable quick, secure, and private access to important medical information for patients traveling in any part of the Commonwealth who require emergency medical care. The statewide exchange of secured medical information will allow local emergency room care teams to more rapidly access vital medical information, such as known allergies or serious conditions, and allow them to alert the patient’s primary care provider about the emergency medical situation as it’s happening. This capability is critical to the MNX mission to improve the information available to clinicians at the point of care.

To learn more about Mount Nittany Health Exchange, visit mountnittanyexchange.org.



Mount Nittany Exchange leads the way in health information exchange

Mount Nittany Health is proud to announce that Mount Nittany Exchange (MNX), a regional health information exchange with the mission to improve the availability of valuable information for healthcare providers in Central Pennsylvania, is the first certified health information exchange in Pennsylvania to successfully connect to Pennsylvania’s Public Health Gateway. The Public Health Gateway is a new way for healthcare organizations to report information electronically to certain statewide public health registries. These include an immunization registry, electronic lab reporting, cancer registry, syndromic surveillance and eCQM reporting.

Wayne Thompson, executive vice president, Mount Nittany Health, shares, "Mount Nittany Exchange is pleased to be able to provide this option to our member organizations. Sending reportable data to public registries in Pennsylvania on behalf of our members through a secure, streamlined, efficient and near real-time conduit complements our mission of improving the availability of electronic information in our region and across the Commonwealth."

Secure electronic health information exchange (HIE) is needed to achieve improved healthcare quality and outcomes, ensuring that people can have their healthcare coordinated by multiple providers, allowing for better decision-making when planning care. HIE allows for a health history, rather than a snapshot overview from a current visit, giving providers more detailed information to use when reaching a diagnosis. It also allows people to be more involved in their own healthcare decisions by making it easier for providers to follow up with them and track their care.

Mount Nittany Exchange seeks to connect patient records across multiple provider offices and facilities in the Central Pennsylvania region. Beyond its regional commitment to improving access to relevant information, Mount Nittany Exchange is connected to the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network, which is the Commonwealth’s official program to enable statewide HIE.

To learn more about Mount Nittany Exchange, visit mountnittanyexchange.org.